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Halo nano coatings mean performance and savings in time and money

Halo nano protective coatings mean performance and compelling cost savings at every level – durability, chemical, water, abrasion and graffiti resistance…

  • Buildings
  • Plant & equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Objects

… which need to be maintained in good condition, preserved and protected from deterioration.

Halo Matrix-Nano™ coatings

  • Reduce maintenance costs,
  • Extend asset life, and
  • Keep surfaces free of chemical damage, corrosion, dirt, graffiti, moss, mould and mildew.

The problem with conventional coatings…

Conventional coatings such as…

  • Paint
  • Powder coating
  • Oils & stains
  • etc

… are made with large-molecule organic polymers that just

(a) sit on the surface,

(b) degrade in ultraviolet sunlight, and

(c) contain large pores that allow dirt and moulds to easily adhere.

Unlike conventional coatings, Halo nano protective coatings…

Unlike conventional coatings, Halo Matrix-Nano™ coatings are made with nano-composite inorganic oxide particles that are bonded with a small proportion of polymers in covalent molecular bonds (the strongest of all chemical bonds), creating an extremely hard and durable surface.

The resulting small molecular structure coats microscopic nooks and crannies in a way that is not possible with conventional coatings. This significantly increased surface contact area gives unsurpassed adhesion, and creates a virtually impenetrable barrier of protection.

The problem with first-generation nano coatings…

First-generation nano coatings mix small quantities of nano particles with lots of large-molecule polymers, which are susceptible to damage and degradation from ultraviolet sunlight.

Unlike first-generation nano coatings, Halo…

The ratio in Halo Matrix-Nano™ protective coatings is the exact opposite – a large proportion of nano composites and a small proportion of polymers.

This is made possible because Halo Matrix-Nano™ coatings are not merely ‘mixed’ but are made in a controlled chemical reaction in a reactor.

This process forms covalent molecular bonds (the strongest of all chemical bonds) between the nano composites and polymer molecules and becomes an integrated lattice nano-matrix.  This matrix has superior UV resistance and the coatings are extremely durable with unparalleled hardness.

In fact, with a Taber abrasion test score of 39.11 Halo Matrix-Nano™ coatings are tougher than granite!


Halo Matrix-Nano™ sealers are breathable and water-repellent. They are used on just about any porous surface – wood, brick, concrete, tile and stone. They penetrate the surface and are either enhancing (if you choose) or virtually invisible.

Halo Matrix-Nano™ sealers repel moisture, acids, stains, moss, mould and mildew and are perfectly suited for heritage buildings. They have zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and contain no known carcinogens. Halo sealers are long-lasting and easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of the material.

Nano Coatings

Halo Matrix-Nano™ nano protective coatings are non-breathable and waterproof. They are used to protect electronic circuitry, concrete, glass, metal, painted surfaces, stone, vinyl and wood. They bond with the surface and completely coat it with a matte, satin or gloss finish.

Halo Matrix-Nano™ nano protective coatings provide a superior barrier against acid rain, corrosion, moisture, mould, stains, scratches and graffiti. They have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), meet high air-quality standards and contain no known carcinogens. With Halo coatings there is no need for harsh chemical cleaning, which greatly extends the life of the material – and the planet.