Halo has offices in Europe and Australasia and brings you Matrix Nano™ - the advanced surface protection of nanotechnology

Halo Surfaces International Ltd suppliers of nanotechnology coatings

The company

Halo Surfaces International Ltd, an international leader in nanotechnology has its headquarters in New Zealand.  Its European Hub is located in the UK and its North American hub in Texas.  The Company’s personnel have many year’s experience in coatings, in decorative metals through their associated company Metalier International and in the automotive and construction and building sectors.   They have worked closely with leading architects and designers.  They also have experience in law, accounting and business administration.

The Halo products – nanotechnology at a molecular level

Matrix Nano™ nanotechnology was developed in the United States by scientists who worked on the American space programmes in Houston, Texas.  Halo has the exclusive international rights, outside the USA, to supply a range of coatings and sealers manufactured using Matrix Nano™ nanotechnology.   This is the name given to a controlled chemical reaction which takes place in a reactor and causes the organic and inorganic components of the coating liquids to covalently bond into an integrated lattice matrix.    This results in products which excel in all performance properties.

The properties of Halo products are:

1.    Durability

2.    Corrosion resistance

3.    UV resistance

4.   Chemical resistance

5.   Abrasion resistance

6.   Temperature resistance

7.   Extremely hardness

8.   Excellent  adhesion to substrate

9.   Ease and convenience of use

10. Environmentally safe

11. High cross-linking density within the material itself

12. High cross-linking density bonding to the substrate

Halo has the nanotechnology to change the way the world looks at protecting surfaces and protecting assets. 

Halo products are marketed through an expanding network of Distributors who supply products and expertise to customers in their territories.

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