Agricultural Coatings from Halo save Money

Halo agricultural coatings are represented at Mystery Creek

Agricultural Coatings are very much on point at the moment.   The annual New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays are taking place right now – 10-13 June 2015 at Mystery Creek Events Centre.  Our newest distributors in Waikato Mark and Leanne Prujean will be at Mystery Creek so now’s the time to catch up with them.  They have lots of Halo brochures with them and they are ready to go.

Mark and Leanne’s email address waikato@halosurfaces.com is up and working and you can get Mark on 0272841179 and Leanne on 0272841176.  And we have two 0800 numbers 0800 NANO11 and 0800 ANTISLIP so you can get hold of one of the Halo team almost all the time.

agricultural coatings from Halo save money

Save water with Halo agricultural coatings

Mark and Leanne are passionate about saving farmer’s money with Halo agricultural coatings.  This is particularly important for dairy farmers as the news of milk prices is gloomy at the moment.  It’s cyclical of course but that’s not much comfort when you are in the middle of a low period.

Water usage both in and out is a huge cost for farmers.

See our blog on 12 May on how you can save water with Halo Concrete Coat.  Use Halo Concrete Coat in cow sheds and water tanks.  Further up the chain dairy factories too can benefit from Halo agricultural coatings.  Halo Concrete will protect the concrete floors in factories and Halo Metal can protect metal chains and pipes from the erosion caused by the acids in milk.  Savings at the factory level can all go into the mix and ensure a greater pay out to farmers.

Farm machinery too will benefit from Halo’s agricultural coatings

Tractors, combine harvesters and ploughs will be preserved from all corrosion and kept looking pristine if coated with Halo Metal Coat.  They won’t rust either.  Machinery kept in good condition with Halo will last longer and have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Mark and Leanne are keen to show you how Halo will help you on your farm – almost every surface there is (except grass) can benefit from Halo protection.  You’ll be amazed at what Halo can do on the farm. You can contact Mark and Leanne by telephone, by email or you can fill in the form below and we’ll arrange for them to come to see you.  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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