Anti corrosive coating | Halo Surfaces Metal Coat

Halo Metal Coat is a high-performance anti corrosive coating.

Lasting 10 years or more, depending on the level of abrasion it receives, Halo Metal Coat provides anti corrosive protection for anything from mild steel through to stainless steel.  Even stainless steel can benefit from Halo Metal Coat especially in marine environments.  It has the effect of lifting the performance of the stainless steel allowing a lower grade to be used.

Halo Surfaces Anti corrosive coating Metal Coat used at iconic Eden Park

Eden Park uses Halo’s anti corrosive coating

Eden Park, the iconic sports ground in Auckland New Zealand, uses Halo Metal Coat.  A new stand was built in preparation for the rugby world cup in 2011.  (The New Zealand All Blacks won – just mentioning it in case you didn’t know.)  The new stand, which used a lot of stainless steel in its construction, began to show signs of rust and corrosion as early as 2012.  The stand was very expensive and was designed to turn Eden Park into a world class venue.  The rust was extremely embarrassing.

Halo’s anti corrosive coating, Metal Coat, has solved the problem

Halo very quickly came to the rescue with its anti corrosive coating.  Because Halo is so easy to apply, when you know how, we have taught the park maintenance staff members so that they can apply it themselves.  The staff are cleaning the rust from the steel and then rolling on the coating.  It’s fast, it’ cost-effective and it’s easy.

Halo Metal Coat’s applications are not limited to buildings.

Think Construction machinery, cranes, transport vehicles.  Halo Metal preserves moving objects as well as stationary ones.

Halo’s Metal Coat will also preserve rust.

Halo Metal Coat is often used by our sister company Metalier to protect and preserve its rust coatings.  Metalier rust is applied to almost any substrate and gives it a real metal coating.  This means you can have the organic and decorative beauty of rust without its destructive elements.

All in all Halo Metal Coat is an absolute genius of a coating.  Contact us to make some of our genius your own.

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