Anti graffiti paint | Halo Surfaces

Halo’s anti graffiti paint or coating is only one anti graffiti paint in a whole range.

The product Halo calls Graffiti is an anti graffiti paint for signs.  All Halo coatings, as well as protecting the substrates they are named for, act as an anti graffiti paint too.  So, for example, as well as protecting metal from rust and corrosion, Halo Metal protects the metal substrate from attack by a sharpie pen or a spray or rattle can of paint.

Halo anti graffiti paint also protects murals.  Sometimes the best way to deter taggers is to decorate walls with murals.

Anti Graffiti Paint

Halo’s anti graffiti paint is non-sacrificial

One of the best things about Halo’s anti graffiti paint is that you can clean it over and over – multiple cleans without the coating being damaged.  We recommend that you clean away any graffiti with our mild Graffiti Cleaner which we are just about to launch onto the market.  It’s mild and water-based so it can be applied by the building owner or tenant.  Often the treatment for graffiti can be worse than the graffiti problem.  Not so with Halo – easy, cost-effective, multiple cleans and no expensive call-outs to contractors.

We have to tell you a funny story.  One of our salesmen came upon some taggers who had just finished defacing a wall on a shopping mall.  Our man came by and removed the graffiti which had been applied to a wall coated with Halo anti graffiti paint while the taggers watched.  Do you know they thought it was unfair that their tag was removed?  Something a bit wrong here, we thought!

Graffiti should be removed as soon as possible

Taggers want their work to be seen.  Nothing upsets them more than the thought that no-one will get to admire it.  And that is what gives Halo’s anti graffiti paint the leading edge.  Graffiti is so easy to remove that the taggers soon learn to stay away.

Watch this space for news of the release of our Graffiti Cleaner or contact us if there is a new and authorised mural that requires protection.