Anti Slip Experts: Halo’s advice for safe bathrooms

Anti slip experts safety tips

Bathrooms, and the shower and bath in particular can be one of the most dangerous places in the home.  The danger is even greater in hospitals, rest-home and aged-care facilities.  While seniors are likely to hurt themselves more than younger people and take longer to recover, people of all ages and physical abilities need to take care in bathrooms.

It’s logical for bathrooms to be slippery when you think about it.  First of all the surface is hard and usually slick (to help with cleaning).  Second soaps and running water make it easy to slip and fall.

showers-anti slip experts

Anti slip experts tip No 1.

First:  make sure that the bottom of the shower or bath is clean.  Spilled soaps, conditioners and shampoos can make the surface slippery and dangerous.  Residues and dirt can make the shower floor extra slippery.  Make sure that the shower and bath are cleaned at least once a week.

Anti slip experts tip No 2.

Second: install a grab bar or rail if the bathroom is to be used by seniors or people with disabilities.  This might seem expensive at first but think of the cost spent in hospital with a broken hip or leg.  And then think of the pain.  We recommend a bit of pain to the wallet over pain to the body.

Anti slip experts tip No 3.

Many anti slip experts would have people, especially seniors, using rubber grips or other mats in a slippery bathroom.  This is where we part company.  Rubber grips and mats, in our view, feel slimy on the foot.  They have the potential to harbour germs and bacteria and are a potential slipping hazard in their own right.

Our solution is Halo Anti Slip.  That won’t come as a surprise – but – think about it.  Which would you have, a slimy rubber mat or a surface that felt like sand at a beach?  And a surface with a very safe slip co-efficient of .59.  You can even dream that you are at the beach when you are standing on a Halo Anti Slip floor.  And it’s amazingly cost-effective, lasts for ages and is easy to clean.  What’s not to like?

Contact us to learn more about making your bathroom a safe place for dreams of the beach.  Some bathrooms like the one in our picture you would never want to leave!