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Anti slip in schools

Applying anti slip in schools – in playgrounds and slippery corridors is going to be keeping Halo busy over the January summer holidays here down under.

safety in schools

A picture of Sandy singing Summer Lovin’ in Rydell High’s playground seems to be exactly the right image for this post too.

It has actually surprised us how dangerous some school grounds are. They are certainly not code compliant. The code in New Zealand requires a slip-co-efficient of .4. Halo’s anti slip scores a massive .59 average using the British wet pendulum test method.

Keeping children safe

There is a lot of press currently about bullying, both cyber and other, and there are also sorts of dangers that the modern child faces when navigating his or her way around the world. Facebook requires members to be 13 years old which seems to be a good minimum age.

But what about the vexed questions such as when do you allow a child to walk to and from school on their own.  What age should they be trusted to cross the road on their own?  Obviously some children are more “sensible” than others so it’s not an absolute age thing. With increased and faster traffic in cities, the dangers are very real.

Walking buses, where a group of children walk together to and from school with an adult supervisor are a great way of ensuring that children learn to be responsible and to get the benefit of the exercise. And exercise or the lack of it, is another issue with a direct connection to safety. When the schools are on holiday, the amount of traffic on Auckland roads noticeably lessens. Why? It’s because mothers are not transporting their off-spring to and from school.

Applying anti slip in schools doesn’t require much thought. It’s an easy decision to make and, with Halo, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure that staff and children remain upright. Save pain, save lost hours of work or study, and save the hospital system from additional costs.

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