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An anti slip solution from Halo Surfaces

Halo says there is only one anti slip solution and it’s right here at Halo Surfaces. Halo’s anti slip solution is a fine coating which contains fine glass beads. The beads feel like fine sand to the touch so it’s ideal when bare feet and other parts of the body are involved.

Think baths and showers

Bathrooms in hotels, particularly where the shower is over the bath can be lethal if the surface of the bath is slippery. A little bit of Halo Anti Slip in the bottom of the bath solves this problem.

Having to place a rubber mat in the bath before you get in to your shower simply doesn’t cut it these days, particularly in hotels these days. Most mats are ugly, potentially dangerous in themselves and a place for germs to gather. In fact hotel cleanliness was featured in a recent article in the NZ Herald. The fascinating thing that the article revealed is that 3 star hotels are often cleaner than those with 4 and 5 stars. Scary isn’t it!

anti slip solution


Etching is often touted as the best for solving slipping problems. The claim is that it doesn’t breach the surface of the coating. This doesn’t make any sense to us. Etching by its very nature is a process which uses strong acids to make a smooth slippery surface into a non-slip one. How can acid not breach the surface? That is exactly what it does.

In our view etchings should be left to that old line “Come up and see my etchings”. That usually didn’t work either – in fact it’s often quoted precisely because it was so obvious and such a  cliche.  With Halo, there is no breach of the substrate and no “come-on” line – just solid performance.

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