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Anti slip solutions specified by the professionals

Halo Anti slip solutions are regularly specified by architects and commercial designers for new builds and refurbishments.  They are also specified increasingly by companies already in the industry.  This makes us very proud at Halo and confident that there is nothing like Halo out there on the market.

Halo anti slip solutions are once more on our mind as it’s a wet winter weekend in Auckland, New Zealand.  And our team of applicators have been out applying our anti slip solutions on Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily for everyone they are indoor jobs!

Halo anti slip solutions can be applied at the point of manufacture

That’s right – Halo Anti slip solutions are suitable to apply when ceramics and tiles are being manufactured.  They are applied so easily and quickly (when you know how) and dry fast too so that production rate is maintained.  The manufacturer, however, can up-sell its tiles as anti slip solutions as well as beautiful floor coverings.  It’s another no-brainer from Halo.

Halo can also be applied at the point of sale

Another option is to apply Halo Anti slip solutions to tiles and ceramics before they are delivered from warehouse to their eventual home.  This option means that you only tiles you need for a specific job.  You can apply a mixture of Halo Concrete or Stone to the indoors tiles and Halo Anti slip to the walk off area and any outdoor areas.  The advantage to the building owner and the applicator is that the application can be done during the working week, you save on masking time and cost and the owner or builder can take the drying time out of the equation.  Another no brainer from Halo!

Halo Concrete Coat and Halo Stone Coat also provide anti slip solutions indoors

Just a little reminder – Halo Concrete and Halo Stone also have anti slip properties.  The Gloss version of each of these coatings remains looking shiny and you won’t even know it’s there.  You will walk a lot less nervously, however, over tiled and marble floors.

Halo Anti slip Solutions

If you are not sure which of our coatings will work best for you please contact us.  Halo is the company that provides solutions when yellow and big notices just won’t do!