Anti slip for swimming pools

Anti slip for swimming pools is a happy use for this Halo product

Swimming pools mean fun, splashing and relaxation.  That ‘s what I mean by saying anti-slip for swimming pools is a happy use for this Halo product.  The jandals (or flip-flops) by the pool say it all – it’s sunny, there are 4 pairs and they’re different sizes.  They look like me to belong to a father, a mother and two kids of different ages – family fun in the pool.

Halo Anti-slip provides protection around swimming pools

Anti slip for swimming pools means that slippery edges become safe

Water always means slipping whether you are round the swimming pool or making a walk way safe.  I began thinking about the picture in the post as I was outside this morning in a beautiful sunny autumn morning in New Zealand.  At Halo Auckland we’ve just finished much needed work on an entrance foyer which was very slippery and dangerous.  It was a sloping foyer with a substrate of tiles.  It was very unsafe and we were pleased to be called in to fix the problem.

Anti slip for swimming pools feels like fine sand

Checking the foyer floor was just like running your hands or feet over very fine sand.  Which made me think of bare feet and swimming pools and also my first experience of an American beach.  It was on the island of Maui in Hawaii and it was very hot.  The hotel where we were staying had laid down hoses across the sand from the grass to the sea.  They had little holes cut in them so they sprayed and sprinkled water onto the hot sand so you could walk across it comfortably.  I couldn’t get over just how ingenious the idea was and how it solved the problem of hot beach on the seat.  Halo anti-slip can’t help on the beaches but it certainly can help on paths and pool surrounds and make them safe.

And don’t forget swimming pool steps

Halo Auckland is about to coat the steps leading into the pool at a retirement village.  The residents find the steps very slippery – not a good look – so we’re going to make them safe.  I’ll update you when it’s done. Please contact us now to solve your anti-slip problems.