Do you want to make money in anti-slip and other industrial, commercial & domestic coatings?

Halo Surfaces is a range of premium nanotechnology industrial strength coatings made in Texas, USA.  

Halo is extremely successful in all the countries where it has been marketed – UK, Indonesia, Korea, Brunei and New Zealand.

Most anti-slip treatments etch the surface of the substrate and ruin its integrity.

Halo Anti-slip Coating deposits fine glass beads on the surface which feel like grains of sand and do a fantastic job.

Anti-slip clients in New Zealand include Accident Compensation Commission, St John Ambulance, and Auckland Hospital Board – all of which are required to be safety conscious.

Halo is also specified by Safety Step, a leading NZ safety company, when a discrete coating is required.

It is time that Australia benefited from all that the brand can offer.

Here’s the deal:

We are looking for switched-on coatings people who want to create their own businesses around this fabulous range including Halo Premium Anti-slip or existing businesses that want to increase their product offerings.

You’ll need a vehicle, a pump, $10K for product and a lot of get up and go.

Why Halo?

First: because it is extremely profitable for the applicator and distributor.  Because it is nano and applied in a very very fine layer the coverage rate is excellent.  It is also incredibly quick to apply – how does two sealer coats and one top coat all applied to 100sq m by one man in an hour sound to you?

It’s true – that’s what NZ applicators are doing with minimal training and minimal equipment.  If you are interested send us an email and we’ll send you a link to our application instruction video.

Second: because it is applied so quickly the customer gets a good deal too.  This makes it a no-brainer for the customer.  You don’t even have to get into explaining all the awesome benefits they get from the coating.

Third because it solves problems – slipping and tripping, graffiti, rust, concrete flooring delays in new builds, mould, mildew and so on and so on. Halo performs.

Fourth It’s exclusive.  Only Halo has the rights to market the range outside the USA.


Send us an email or complete the form below.   Tell us about yourself and your business, where you are based and whether you want to be a Halo stocking applicator or distributor.  And we’ll take it from there.

Stocking applicators will need to hold about $10K of stock.  This is a realistic quantity to freight in at a time from Texas.  This would coat about 2500 sq m of sealed concrete (allowing for freight, duty & all that other stuff).  At $20 per sq m applied this could turn into jobs worth $50,000.  The actual application time for that area is 25 hours.  That’s a gross margin of $40,000.

Still interested?

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    Halo Anti-slip scores .59 on a wet pendulum test. Halo Concrete scores .42. Code requires .40.