Halo coatings and sealers can be used almost everywhere and anywhere, on almost any substrate.

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Uses for Halo’s Nano Coatings and Sealers include:


Walkways.  Walk-off areas in interiors of public buildings.   Ramps at hotels, convention centres and commercial buildings.  Entranceways to rest and retirement homes.   Hospital entrances and paths.


Tyres of all vehicles – cars, buses, tractors, farm machinery and dashboards of cars and trucks.


Concrete floors, tiles and walls in houses, shops malls, factories.  In coolstores.    On benches and planter boxes in residential and public gardens.  Concrete Pipes.


Concrete floors and paths.


Car upholstery.  Sofas, couches and armchairs.   Work boots and gloves.


Windshields and windscreens on all vehicles.  Cars, buses and trains.   Glass on commercial buildings.  Windows in homes.   Showers in homes and hotels.


Schools and public buildings.    Residential dwellings and fences particularly on main streets.   Signage, walls and murals.   Train carriages and stations.   Underpasses and motorway walls.


Cars.  Construction and building machinery – cranes and diggers.  Metal post and power boxes.  Ski-lift chairs.  Above the water-line on boats – cargo ships and liners.  Containers.  Bridges. Chains.

Multi-surface Sealer:

Heritage buildings.  Churches, stone railway stations.  All Public buildings.  Pathways.

Polished Stone Sealer:

Stone benches and counter-tops.

Quick Clean:

Tiles and surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.  Hotel and rest-home bathrooms.  Hospital bathrooms and kitchens.


Stone benches, counter-tops.  Pathways.  Stairways.  Garden seats.

Tie Coat:

Car paint bonder.  Polyurethane floor bonder.


Formerly waxed floors in public spaces.  Malls, Hospitals.


Furniture.  Floor boards, prior to laying. Cabinets.  Decorative wooden mouldings.Boat rails and bright work.

Halo Coatings and Sealers are formulated using the principles of green Matrix-Nanotechnology™