Innovative Automotive Products from Halo

Halo Surfaces automotive coatings include:

Halo Auto- revive:

Blacken tyres with one of the most easily-applied automotive coatings.  It’s the tyre blackener that isn’t black.  Apply it too to dashboards and vinyl and plastic trims.  Colour and lustre lost through UV will be restored.

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.Halo Surfaces Auto-revive tyre blackener

Halo Glass

Halo Glass stars as one of Halo’s automotive coatings.  It can be used on windscreens and windows to ensure that glass stays cleaner longer and that dust and grime do not stick.  If you ever have one of those disasters where the windscreen wipers stop working in the rain, Halo Glass will ensure that water beads or sheets off depending on the coating you use – Halo Glass Hydrophobic for the water to bead up and Halo Hydrophilic for the water to sheet off.   And it’s so easy to apply.

Read more about Halo Glass Hydrophobic and Glass Hydrophilic and Halo Glass Conditioner and Contact us for Data Sheets and SDS.

Glass Coat is an automotive product

Halo Tie Coat

Halo Tie Coat is a car-painter’s dream.  It does away with the need to sand between coats of paint.  Imagine how quickly those automotive repair jobs could be done if there was no more sanding and no more mechanical abrasion.  And thinking of the savings in sanding disks!!

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Halo Auto-Revive makes tyres black for longer