Halo Metal is the star in the construction coatings range.

Halo Metal is one of the construction coatings that will protect and preserve these assets:

Cranes – their metal construction and the working parts.

Cranes suit Metal Coat

Deep sea drilling rigs – for all above sea protection use Metal Coat.

Diggers – diggers seem to rust so quickly.  Keep their paint work bright and protected from UV light and preserve the metal body-work.

Trucks – as well as Metal Coat, use Graffiti Coat on sidings and Auto-revive on those big tyres to keep them looking good and lasting longer.

Heavy Machinery – protect the body work and moving parts of heavy and light machinery.

Light Machinery

Generators – keep them oil free with Metal Coat – it makes them so easy to clean.

 Halo Glass Coat protects and preserves

Windows on vehicles especially cranes.  Glass is one of the easiest construction coatings to apply

Halo Auto Revive

Preserves and Protects tyres of machinery.  This product is so easy to apply – it can be done by the truck operator very easily so costs no more than the product purchase.  Encourage pride in the machinery in your work-force;  have a monthly competition perhaps.  Your workers will look after their equipment for you and be rewarded too.  And you’ll have fun.


Check out our property page for all the other uses for Halo products on the building or power station or bridge you’re building!

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Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability