Halo’s health industry coatings and good health go hand in hand.

If there is one thing certain in the health sector, it is that there is never enough money.  As medical science advances and more can be achieved, the shortage of money is going to get worse not better.  Halo’s health industry coatings mean that assets can be preserved (they cost less if they last longer) and maintenance and cleaning costs are reduced.  More of the money can be spent where it is really needed – improving health and saving lives.

Hospitals are no longer as safe as they once were

Sadly these days, people often get sick in hospitals.  With the spread of MRSA and Norovirus it is possible to get sicker in hospital than out of it.  Halo’s health industry coatings ensure that the health facilities are as clean as they can possibly be and that cleaning costs are reduced so the spread of bugs is reduced.  And read further down this page about our Bio-S range.

Halo in gyms

And don’t forget gyms where people take care of their own health and fitness.  There are many uses in gyms for Halo products as you’ll see below.

Halo in the health sector

Here are some of the uses for Halo’s health industry coatings.

Halo SV Anti-slip

Entrances to hospitals, resthome public areas, gyms, all wet walk-off areas in health sector buildings.  Read more about Halo Anti-slip.

Halo SV Concrete

Protect concrete floors inside and out and use Concrete Coat on unwaxed lino or tile floors.  Read morabout Halo Concrete.

Halo SV Graffiti

Hospitals, health facilities and gyms are not immune to the taggers’ “sharpies” and spray cans.  Protect important signs from defacement and ensure that they can be read and will last.  Read more about Halo Graffiti.

Halo SV Metal

There are many many metal surfaces in the health sector – think metal roofs and spouting for a start.  Read more about Halo Metal.

Halo SV Quick Clean

Use Halo Quick Clean in bathrooms and kitchens in hospitals and resthomes.  Halo Quick Clean ensures that surfaces are easy and quick to clean.  It saves time and money.  Read more about Halo Quick Clean.

Halo SV Vinyl

This coating is specially formulated for waxed floors.  Most coatings will not adhere to wax but this one will.  It saves endless hours of polishing and re-polishing and protects the substrate.  It also means that you can lay down a cheaper substrate and bring it up to standard with Halo SV Vinyl.

Halo SV Auto-Revive

The ambulance driver might like the ambulance wheels to look smart … ?  It can certainly be justified as an expense.  It saves tyres from UV damage.  Really!  Ambulance drivers, cool gym instructors and others read more about Halo Auto-Revive.

Let’s not forget the animal health sector either

Add veterinary services to all of the lists above.  Animals too need the protection of Halo Surfaces.

Bio-S Range

One of the most exciting developments going on behind the scenes is the trialling of the Halo Bio-S range in hospitals in the US.

Are you in the Health sector?  Do you want to make a difference?  Contact us now!