The Hospitality Industry is full of opportunities

for Halo hospitality coatings to make their mark – or more accurately – to stop you from making yours.  The whole range has a place somewhere in the hospitality industry, preserving assets and making them easy to clean.  And let’s face it, alcohol is often a large part of the industry, and people with a bit of the good-stuff on board are more likely to take less care of their surroundings.

Hospitality Coatings opportunities are:

Halo SV Anti-slip

In hotel and restaurant lobbies and walk in areas (ever tried walking through Claridges’ lobby in high heels?)  In spas round the pool and in bars – probably everywhere!  Read about Anti-slip.

Champagne plays a big part in the hospitality industry

Halo SV Auto-Revive

Keep the wheels of the hotel limo spick and span and shiny. Find out more about Auto-Revive.

Halo SV Concrete

There’s concrete everywhere in the hospitality industry – tilt-slab walls, paths, hotel and restaurant floors, and spa and bar floors, counter tops and more.  And tiles in foyers – the list goes on.  Read more about Halo Concrete.

Halo SV Enhancer Plus

Our favourite Halo product – dries in less than 5 minutes. Seals concrete paths and restaurant floors – resists moisture, mould and food acids.  An absolute life-saver if the job is running late.  Spray the floor while you open the champagne.  Read more about Halo Enhancer Plus.

Halo WB Fabric

Upholstery, curtains and carpets in all hospitality venues. Even red wine doesn’t damage fabric coated with Halo WB Fabric.  You’d be mad not to.  Read more information about Fabric.

Hotel Lobby

Halo WB Glass

It can be used on all glass.  It protects windows from dust and grime and means you clean them less.  It can be used on glass and ceramics in showers to reduce cleaning time and prevent damage from hard water and soap scum.  Read more about Halo Glass.

Halo SV Graffiti

Halo Graffiti is designed mainly for signage.  (All Halo Coatings are graffiti-proof).  The hospitality industry has signage everywhere.  Protect it from the taggers. Read about Halo Graffiti.

Halo SV Metal

Protect metal hand-rails, equipment and vehicles from rust and degradation.  Even stainless steel will benefit from a coat of Halo Metal and it is particularly appropriate for seaside where lots of resorts that need Halo are located. Read about Halo Metal.

Halo WB Multi-Surface Sealer 

This is the sealer you use when you don’t want to see the sealer.  Heritage buildings housing hotels and other hospitality venues benefit from the moisture repellent Halo Multi-surface Sealer.  You can warn or welcome your guests with a pavement sign which only shows in the rain! Read more about Halo Multi-surface Sealer.

Halo Surfaces Multi-purpose Blue

Halo WB Polished-Stone Sealer

This little beauty does all the jobs that Multi-Surface does but on polished stone surfaces.  Read more about Halo Polished Stone Sealer.

Halo SV Quick Clean

Use this super product in toilets and bathrooms in all hospitality venues to reduce cleaning time and make it so much easier.  Check out Halo Quick Clean.

Halo SV Stone

Use on hotel, restaurant, spa and bar floors, benches and counter-tops when calcium-based stones need to be protected from food and alcohol stains.  Read more about Halo Stone.

Halo SV Tie Coat

We can’t leave this one out – during construction or fit out of your hospitality venue use Halo Tie Coat to make the job of painting walls or applying polyurethane to floors so much less messy.  No sanding.  It’s so easy.  Find out more about Halo Tie Coat.

Halo SV Vinyl

Use this on floors with a waxed finish to save on cleaning and maintenance.  Find out more information on Halo Vinyl.

Halo SV Wood

Protect wooden bars, painted or varnished seating and furniture from degradation and damage.  Read more about Halo Wood.

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Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability