Agriculture is one of many sectors needing industry and agriculture coatings

When thinking of industrial surface protection the first thoughts that come into a lot of minds is heavy dirty machinery, factories belching smoke and so on.  And certainly those areas absolutely require Halo industrial surface protection.  But agriculture and horticulture shouldn’t be left out and also need Halo industry and agriculture coatings.

Protect milking sheds

Halo Concrete over Halo Enhancer Plus are two agriculture coatings will protect milking-shed floors from the ravages of lactose acids.  It will also make them a lot easier to clean too and that’s a plus.  And because Halo Concrete and its two under-coats can be laid in one application you could have it done between milkings!

And cool stores

Halo Metal Coat is another very useful product in the agriculture coatings range:  when used in cool stores it will prevent mould and dirt from gathering in cool stores and stop pipes rusting – we only found out about that area of industrial surface protection because we happened to meet a horticulturist with the problem.

coffee beans

Dairy factories

And of course, metal chains and vats suffer from lactose damage in dairy-processing factories which can be protected with Halo Metal

Heavy industry also requires industrial surface protection

Heavy machinery, not so heavy machinery, generators and widgets of all kinds will last longer and depreciate at a slower rate if protected with Halo industrial surface products.

There are so many uses that it’s hard to think of them all.  But do contact us to tell us if you come across a new use for Halo products or to ask about other possible uses.

Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability