Halo Surfaces, with its leading edge range of building coatings,  is in the business of asset and property protection

Halo’s mission is to provide cost-effective asset & property protection.

Halo Anti-slip

Use Code Compliant Anti-slip on “walk-off” areas in public spaces – malls, offices, hospitals and on slippery paths and swimming pools.

Halo Anti-slip provides protection around swimming pools

Halo Concrete

Protect concrete floors and tilt-slab walls on public buildings and homes to protect and extend life.  So easy to clean that it saves time and money and helps the environment.  No harsh chemicals are required.  Chewing gum, even the black sort, can be removed.

Enhancer Plus

Enhance and protect paths and other porous surfaces and prevent moisture from seeping into concrete walkways.  Check out our video.   The Enhancer Plus is also a great floor sealer in its own right for restaurants – it protect against moisture, mould and acid, including food acids.  Great if the job runs over time.   Enhancer Plus takes only 5 minutes or less to dry.


Use Fabric on curtains and carpets and furniture in homes and offices and hotels and restaurants.


Use on glass, tiles, ceramics and in showers in homes, public facilities such as hospitals – also offices and restaurants to make cleaning quicker and easier and guard against scratching and other damage.  Polish it up and keep it effective with Glass Conditioner.  Shine up the outside of the fish bowl or your aquarium!

Goldfish love Halo Surface's Glass for its clear view.

Goldfish love Halo Surface’s Glass for its clear view.


Stop graffiti before it starts.  Protect all vulnerable walls of public buildings, fences – anything tempting to taggers – and spoil their fun and avert the damage caused by permanent markers and spray cans.  Home-owners can protect fences and walls.

Metal Coat

Protect spouting and downpipe from rust;  extend the life of painted metal roofs and keep them looking good with little or no UV damage.

Multi-surface and Polished Stone Sealers

These water-based sealers are for unpolished and polished surfaces – Multi-surface for unpolished and Polished Stone for polished.  Keep mould from brick, stone and block walls, write a welcome sign on your driveway to shop up when it rains.  Use it on garden paths to keep away mould and grime and be nice to plants and worms at the same time.


Protect high traffic stone areas and guard against moisture, stains, scratching and mild acids.  Clean up vinegar within an hour but otherwise Stone Coat offers complete protection to Stone benches and counter-tops.

Tie Coat

Tie Coat comes into its own if you are polyurethaning wooden floors.  You don’t need to sand between coats.  Think how much time that will save and how much mess it will avoid.


Use Halo Vinyl if an existing floor is heavily waxed as it’s specially designed for this purpose.  Think hospital corridors and ward floors, think rest-homes and shopping malls.  Using Vinyl will allow you to install a more economical floor and bring it to standard with Halo Vinyl.  Not only will it save money on the capital investment but it’s easier to clean and maintain too.


Halo Wood protects stained, sealed or painted cabinetry – bathrooms, kitchens, pre-finished  floor boards before installation.  Use it on furniture.

Contact us for more information about the myriad uses for Halo and how it can help your property protection plan.

Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability