Public Sector

Public Sector Spaces need Halo Building Surface Protection


Halo building surface protection is vital for schools which everywhere never have enough money to do the things they want to do.  Sometimes there’s not even enough money to do what they should do.

Halo can help:

Take graffiti for example.  Our Graffiti and other coatings give Halo protection against deliberate and inadvertent graffiti.  Little children in play school or junior school can often make marks on tables when a sharpie slips and makes marks off the paper.   With Halo Graffiti protection and Halo’s graffiti cleaner the marks just wipe away clean with no shadowing.   And we all know about the naughty older siblings.  Their damage can be prevented and cleaned off without any damage to the substrate.

Schools can also benefit from Halo Concrete, Metal, Wood and Stone Coats depending on the material the building is made of.  Use Enhancer Plus to enhance and protect paths.  Halo building surface protection preserves assets for longer and makes cleaning quicker and cheaper. Money is saved which can be spent where it is most needed – providing education.

Heritage Buildings need Halo Protection

Heritage Buildings

Halo Multi-surface Sealer provides ideal protection for heritage buildings where it is important that there is no change in the look of the substrate.  Halo Multi-surface Sealer is water-based and contains no harmful chemicals. It is very easy to apply and you can’t see it’s there AT ALL.  It is building surface protection that protects and guards against mould and moisture damage.

Local and Municipal Authorities, Governments and Public Utility Companies

These authorities are often responsible for paths and furniture in parks; for utility service boxes and installations, for public buildings, footpaths and public spaces.  Halo protection means asset protection which is good news for public authorities, land owners and lessees.

Contact us to find out how Halo protection can help you and which product is right for you.

Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability