Protect your playground and equipment with Halo Metal Surface Protection

Recreation can take many forms – Halo Metal Surface Protection and Halo’s other coatings work with them all!

What appeals to you as a form of recreation depends on many things including your age.  Halo doesn’t discriminate on the grounds of age, sex or the degree of danger involved.   It might mean a nice walk in a park, a glass of wine on the deck or an upside down ride on a rollercoaster (an absolute “no no” for some of us here at Halo!)

Rollercoasters need Metal Coat


Perfect for Halo Metal Coat for superior metal surface protection on parts of the machinery, on the rails and on the cars.  Metal Coat will preserve and keep the machinery in good working condition, the cars looking bright and sparkly and free from graffiti (if anyone has time to think of such things while being petrified).

A walk in the Park

Halo Multi-surface sealer will keep paths free from mould and dirt, Halo Wood or Stone can be used on park benches depending on their composition.

A nice sail on a yacht or motor boat

Halo Wood is ideal for bright work on boats.  It’s ideal for protecting the wood on boats from salt-spray.  And all the metal parts can do with Halo Metal Coat for protection from rust and deterioration.

Playgrounds can be protected from UV damage and graffiti with Halo Metal Coat.

Children’s Playgrounds

Protect your playground equipment from UV light and graffiti with the coating right for the substrate, Metal, Wood or Stone.

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Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability