Halo Molecular Coatings for Transport

All forms of transport benefit from the superior performance of Halo’s molecular coatings.

Air Transport

Passenger liners, Lear Jets (we still got one of those on our list!), and gliders can benefit from Halo’s Glass and Fabric coats on upholstery and carpet.  And airport buildings, airline kitchens and even the runways can benefit from Halo’s molecular coatings. Halo’s Concrete Coat will protect the floors of hangars so that the marks left by the hot tyres of military jets may be cleaned easily and speedily.  Graffiti Coat or Concrete Coat can ensure that the painted lines on runways last longer and are not damaged by UV light. Halo Anti-slip, Concrete Coat, Stone, Wood and Metal molecular coatings are invaluable for protecting airport buildings and providing safety features where required.   When you walk around with a Halo mindset you see opportunities everywhere to save money for property owners whether public or private bodies, or individuals. learjet85_interior

Sea Transport

Use Halo Quick Clean and Glass to make cleaning of bathrooms and the kitchens easier to clean on passenger ships.  Fabric coat on upholstery and carpets give them longer lives and makes them easier to clean.  Passenger ships will also benefit from Halo Bio-S protectors when they are released as norovirus and other superbugs become more prevalent at sea.  Metal Coat with its ability to protect metal from seaspray is a must have and Halo Wood protects bright work on liners and smaller vessels. The shore facilities for sea transport, like airport terminals, can be protected with Halo molecular coatings – Concrete, Stone, Wood and Metal and safety issues can be addressed easily, speedily and cost-effectively with Halo Anti-slip. Anti-slip would protect the area round the pool as well! Oceania-Marina-Luxe-Ship

Road Transport

Road transport means many varied vehicles – from bicycles, to motor-cycles, cars, buses and trucks, including the great big road haulage trucks that are lit up like Christmas trees at night – now their carrier sidings can be susceptible to graffiti.  Halo’s Graffiti Coat will protect the sidings and Halo’s Graffiti Cleaner will clean off damage very easily if you are tagged. The one thing that vehicles on the road have in common is rubber wheels.  The wheels of all vehicles can be protected from UV damage and look good to, with Halo Auto-Revive.  Upholstery and glass need Halo’s Fabric and Glass Coats and if your vehicle needs a repaint, your painter guy will thank you if you recommend he use Halo Tie-coat. The other great use for Halo Concrete is the concrete noise-protection walls along side motorways and freeways.  The concrete is protected from graffiti damage, but even more importantly the concrete is protected from vehicle carbon-dioxide emissions.  There is a strong move in the States to ensure that vehicle emissions are reduced but a two-pronged attack protecting the concrete walls is a double winner. truck at night


And the magic of the rail-way!  Protect the exterior of the trains from graffiti and corrosion with Halo Metal Coat, protect the stations from Graffiti with Graffiti Coat. Keep the upholstery and glass free from stains and grime with Halo Fabric and Halo Glass.  Lengthen the lives of the components of the stations – the concrete, metal, stone and wood with the Halo molecular coatings designed for those substrates. If you need assistance with protecting your transport assets contact us now.

Halo metal reduces surface oxidation by more than 98%, preserving integrity and extending durability