Asset Surface Protection Is A Halo Surfaces Mission

Asset Surface Protection is what Halo Surfaces is all about.  We can protect almost anything.

Asset Surface Protection for Glass

Windows and mirrors on beautiful buildings, and the not so beautiful as well.

Here’s one of our favourite beautiful buildings – the Maimai house by Andrew Patterson – we are tempted to lurk around outside it with our spray bottle of Halo Glass just on the off-chance!

Maimai house by Andrew Patterson - asset protection

Asset Surface Protection for Metal

Even stainless steel benefits from Halo.  Take the sta

inless steel grade up a notch to protect it even further, especially when salt-sea spray is an issue.

Asset Surface Protection for Concrete and Vinyl

Concrete is the “new black” of building materials.  We are using it as tilt-slabs, for floors, for benches.  And with Halo Anti-slip you can not only protect the underlying asset you can protect the people walking on it.

Asset Surface Protection for Stone

Benches, floors, paths

Look what Halo Surfaces Multi-purpose Blue can do!

Halo Surfaces Multi-purpose Blue

Asset Surface Protection makes sense in every respect.

Building materials are expensive.  If they deteriorate and need to be replaced then that is not only costly it’s also wasteful of resources.  Halo Surfaces is doing its bit for the planet by helping asset owners to protect their assets.   Halo is helping too by producing coatings and sealers with low to zero VOCs.   Halo also produces hard durable finishes.   This minimises the need to clean them and often, when they do need cleaning this can often be done with pure water and a cloth.   Even when this is not enough the cleaners required are mild and non-toxic. This means that fewer detergents enter our waterways.

With Halo you win at every step:

asset protection cost-effectively, durability, reduced maintenance costs, AND you are helping to save our precious planet.

What’s not to like?  Contact us to buy and try.