Halo Slip, Anti Skid, Specialist Coating is almost Invisible, Feels like Fine Sand on Bare Feet, Passes the Anti Slip Testing so you can be Confident about its Performance in the Wettest Conditions.


Anti slip Solution | Halo Surfaces

An anti slip solution from Halo Surfaces Halo says there is only one anti slip solution and it’s right here at Halo Surfaces. Halo’s anti slip solution is a fine coating which contains fine glass beads. The beads feel like fine sand to the touch so it’s ideal when bare feet and other parts of…..

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How do you make anti slip signs that work?

Tell us please how to make compelling anti slip signs We’ve had some fun with our anti slip signs in the last few weeks. Halo has been contracted to coat with anti slip a number of floors of a public car park. What has both amused, bemused and annoyed us is the way that many…..

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Halo Reports on Slips and trips – Halo Surfaces

Halo summarizes slips and trips statistics Work-related slips and trips and fall injuries is a subject of a report by the Injury Prevention Research Unit at the Department of Preventative & Social Medicine at the Dunedin School of Medicine at the University of Otago.  The report was published in 2005.  You can read the full…..

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Halo expands its anti slip services

Halo Surfaces is expanding its anti slip services into the Waikato and into Canterbury. Waikato Anti slip Services Halo is delighted to announce the appointment of Gullivers NZ as its distributors in the Waikato.  Mark & Leanne Prujean have enthusiastically taken Halo on.  You can contact them Mark Tel 027 2841179 Leanne Tel 027 2841176…..

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Slipping on Wet Surfaces: Halo Anti slip

Halo Anti slip solves the problem of slipping on wet surfaces. Slipping on Wet Surfaces is only one of the reasons why people slip and fall.  Other reasons include dry or dusty floor contamination, obstructions and uneven surfaces.  There are often other influencers such as poor lighting or glare.  Also people rush, carry heavy or…..

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Slip prevention with Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces are slip prevention experts Halo Surfaces both internationally and at HQ in New Zealand are slip prevention experts.  Halo’s Anti slip is unrivalled in performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.  It achieves this without damaging the substrate as etching does and it’s very discrete. Slip prevention is vital to safety The statistics round slipping are…..

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Halo Surfaces | Anti slip for stairs

Halo has created a premium anti slip for stairs. You can’t imagine the iconic and seriously cool set of stairs in this picture being protected with anything other than Halo anti slip. Halo Anti slip for stairs is discrete Above all when choosing an anti slip you want to ensure that it looks the part…..

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Prevent slips | Anti slip by Halo Surfaces

Halo’s reputation grows: the experts prevent slips Halo’s Anti slip’s reputation as the best means to prevent slips is growing.  Halo has repeat business from Health Professionals including St John Ambulance and Auckland City Hospital and from one of the country’s anti slip experts Safety Step.  There is no greater testimonial than repeat business. Halo…..

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Slipping in the kitchen | Halo Surfaces

Slipping in the kitchen is a particular hazard of commercial kitchens Grease and water on the floor or a mat with an upturned corner are potential hazards to cause slipping in the kitchen. Applying Halo Anti slip coating to the floors will mean that mats will not be required.  It will also mean that there…..

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Halo Anti slip | Halo Surfaces

Many anti slip products attack the substrate rather than enhancing it Most anti slip solutions on the market are either of the big yellow bobble type or they involve acid etching.  We’ve been conducting some research which has told us yet again that there is nothing available that performs as Halo does and is as…..

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Non slip Solutions with Halo Surfaces

Non slip solutions have been a focus for this week with the heavens opening over Aotearoa/New Zealand.  The fine weekend has everyone thinking of daffodils and spring. Another focus this week has been the concept we all know and understand “Time is Money” even if we don’t always put it into practice.  What I have…..

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Halo Concrete Coat | first choice concrete sealer

Concrete Coat from Halo delivers many benefits to applicator and end user It is very fast to apply and quick to dry You can apply 100 sq m per hour and sometimes more.  It dries in 8 hours – apply at night and walk on it the next morning.  And if you need to seal…..

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Concrete Coatings | Halo Surfaces Nano Technology

Halo Surfaces delivers with its Concrete Coatings and Sealers Concrete is such a popular flooring and building choice these days that it’s important to offer several types of concrete coatings to meet everyone’s needs.  Halo Surfaces does that with aplomb! Halo Multi-surface Sealer is the most discrete of Halo’s Concrete Coatings and Sealers In fact…..

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Anti slip protection from Halo Surfaces

 Anti slip protection is very much on our minds this week at Halo Surfaces. The weather in New Zealand has been wet and wild in the last few days and our team has been out today applying an anti slip protection coat onto the floors of a St John’s Ambulance station.  This is the second…..

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Halo Concrete Coat is shiny and is an anti skid solution

With Halo Surfaces Concrete Coat you can have an indoor surface which is both shiny and is an anti skid solution. There is nothing quite so beautiful as a gleaming shiny floor – whether it’s tiles, concrete or marble.  But it can be treacherous, particularly for ladies wearing the current fashion of “killer heels”**.With Halo…..

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