Halo’s Water Based Sealers are Invaluable when Invisible Protection is Required or when a Little Enhancing is Wanted. Water based with Zero VOCs means Environmentally-Friendly Sealers that do the job they are Designed to do.


Halo concrete sealers | choose invisible or shine

Halo gives you a choice of 3 concrete sealers Let’s start with the water-based options: First is Halo WB Multi-surface Sealer This is the invisible one of the Halo range of concrete sealers.  You cannot see it when it has been applied.  And it can be applied to so many substrates – concrete, slate, unmodified…..

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Concrete Coatings | Halo Surfaces Nano Technology

Halo Surfaces delivers with its Concrete Coatings and Sealers Concrete is such a popular flooring and building choice these days that it’s important to offer several types of concrete coatings to meet everyone’s needs.  Halo Surfaces does that with aplomb! Halo Multi-surface Sealer is the most discrete of Halo’s Concrete Coatings and Sealers In fact…..

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Do you know why Halo products are different?

We tell you here why Halo products are different Why Halo products are different is a question we get asked by designers, by customers, by potential applicators and by potential distributors.   We know why Halo products are different but we asked people who aren’t us what makes Halo different for them. We asked a designer…..

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Which Halo Sealer should I use?

Which one of Halo Surface Sealers you should use will depend on the answers to several questions. They include these questions: 1.  Do I want the sealer to be visible or not? 2.  Do I want the substrate enhanced? 2.  Do I wish to use the sealer as an undercoat for another Halo product? 3. …..

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Halo Surfaces announces the Blue Range Nano Sealers

  The Blue Range Nano Sealers is Halo’s name for its water-based range of sealers. Blue is the universal symbol for water so it makes it easier to understand the difference between the products we offer.  It helps you to decide which product is best for each application. This week in New Zealand we spent…..

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