Halo’s Enhancer Plus is the fastest-drying Sealer on the Market. Versatile, Easy to Apply and Great Looking, Enhancer Plus is both a Sealer and a Top Coat.


Enhancer Plus: Sealer for Concrete: Halo Surfaces

Looking for a Sealer for concrete? Look no further than Enhancer Plus from Halo Surfaces. Enhancer Plus is one of the heroes of the Halo Surfaces range of nano coatings and sealers. It has many qualities that make it so.  In no particular order, here is a list of them. First:  It is very easy to…..

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Concrete Protection | Fast |Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces – 1 minute concrete protection Would you believe that Halo Surfaces can deliver 1 minute concrete protection?  It sounds fantastic but it’s absolutely true.  All you need is a floor of 100 sq metres or so and Halo Enhancer Plus and Halo Concrete Coat will deliver. We timed the application of Halo concrete…..

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Halo Anti slip | Halo Surfaces

Many anti slip products attack the substrate rather than enhancing it Most anti slip solutions on the market are either of the big yellow bobble type or they involve acid etching.  We’ve been conducting some research which has told us yet again that there is nothing available that performs as Halo does and is as…..

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Halo Concrete Coat | first choice concrete sealer

Concrete Coat from Halo delivers many benefits to applicator and end user It is very fast to apply and quick to dry You can apply 100 sq m per hour and sometimes more.  It dries in 8 hours – apply at night and walk on it the next morning.  And if you need to seal…..

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Concrete Floor Sealer – Halo Enhancer Plus

Halo Concrete Floor Sealer – more than an ordinary sealer! Halo’s Enhancer Plus Concrete Floor Sealer is well-known to readers of the Halo Blog.  We extol its virtues at every possible opportunity.  We hadn’t quite seen it as an answer to prayer but we’ve had to change our view.  Our UK distributor, who has a…..

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Halo concrete sealers | choose invisible or shine

Halo gives you a choice of 3 concrete sealers Let’s start with the water-based options: First is Halo WB Multi-surface Sealer This is the invisible one of the Halo range of concrete sealers.  You cannot see it when it has been applied.  And it can be applied to so many substrates – concrete, slate, unmodified…..

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Concrete Coatings | Halo Surfaces Nano Technology

Halo Surfaces delivers with its Concrete Coatings and Sealers Concrete is such a popular flooring and building choice these days that it’s important to offer several types of concrete coatings to meet everyone’s needs.  Halo Surfaces does that with aplomb! Halo Multi-surface Sealer is the most discrete of Halo’s Concrete Coatings and Sealers In fact…..

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Halo Enhancer Plus: Concrete Floor Sealer awarded 7 Stars!

Halo Enhancer Plus concrete sealer gets 7 stars from us and from our customers too. Star No 1.  For being the fastest drying concrete floor sealer on the market Halo Enhancer Plus concrete floor sealer dries in less than 5 minutes.  Sometimes it dries in a minute or so – almost as the product hits…..

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Quick Seal and Enhance – the manufacturer’s name for Enhancer Plus

  Quick Seal and Enhance accurately describes the attributes of Halo’s Enhancer Plus So why did Halo change Quick Seal and Enhance to Enhancer Plus?  That’s a very good question and I’m not sure that I am 100% clear on that myself.  I guess Enhancer Plus is less of a mouthful than Quick Seal and…..

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Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a nano coating that is a clear winner

Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a star product in the galaxy of our nano coating range. You can read all about its amazing properties in the website proper – click here.  But it’s impossible to do it full justice in a page.  You need to see it in action, see the results and work with it……

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