Halo’s Performance Coatings whether Metal, Concrete, Graffiti, Wood or Stone Preserve & Protect the Substrate and the Underlying Asset with Durable Low VOC-level Nano Technology Coatings.


Halo Surfaces | Anti slip for stairs

Halo has created a premium anti slip for stairs. You can’t imagine the iconic and seriously cool set of stairs in this picture being protected with anything other than Halo anti slip. Halo Anti slip for stairs is discrete Above all when choosing an anti slip you want to ensure that it looks the part…..

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Halo’s sealer for concrete | Halo Concrete Coat

Halo’s sealer for concrete amazes builder Halo’s sealer for Concrete, Halo’s Concrete Coat in gloss, satin or matt finishes has left one of Halo’s building construction clients gobsmacked. This gentleman is new to Halo and was discussing providing our application team with two days to apply Halo’s Concrete Coat on a job he was scheduling. …..

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Slipping in the kitchen | Halo Surfaces

Slipping in the kitchen is a particular hazard of commercial kitchens Grease and water on the floor or a mat with an upturned corner are potential hazards to cause slipping in the kitchen. Applying Halo Anti slip coating to the floors will mean that mats will not be required.  It will also mean that there…..

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Concrete Protection | Fast |Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces – 1 minute concrete protection Would you believe that Halo Surfaces can deliver 1 minute concrete protection?  It sounds fantastic but it’s absolutely true.  All you need is a floor of 100 sq metres or so and Halo Enhancer Plus and Halo Concrete Coat will deliver. We timed the application of Halo concrete…..

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Halo Metal Coat |Anti corrosion Protection 

Anti corrosion protection for stainless and galvanized steel Halo’s anti corrosion protection Metal Coat always comes to mind when we watch Rugby.  This morning we’ve watched the All Blacks play the Pumas at Estadio Ciudad De La Plata in Argentina. Rugby makes us think of the anti corrosion protection Halo is providing at Eden Park…..

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Halo Anti slip | Halo Surfaces

Many anti slip products attack the substrate rather than enhancing it Most anti slip solutions on the market are either of the big yellow bobble type or they involve acid etching.  We’ve been conducting some research which has told us yet again that there is nothing available that performs as Halo does and is as…..

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Non slip Solutions with Halo Surfaces

Non slip solutions have been a focus for this week with the heavens opening over Aotearoa/New Zealand.  The fine weekend has everyone thinking of daffodils and spring. Another focus this week has been the concept we all know and understand “Time is Money” even if we don’t always put it into practice.  What I have…..

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Halo Concrete Coat | first choice concrete sealer

Concrete Coat from Halo delivers many benefits to applicator and end user It is very fast to apply and quick to dry You can apply 100 sq m per hour and sometimes more.  It dries in 8 hours – apply at night and walk on it the next morning.  And if you need to seal…..

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Anti graffiti paint | Halo Surfaces

Halo’s anti graffiti paint or coating is only one anti graffiti paint in a whole range. The product Halo calls Graffiti is an anti graffiti paint for signs.  All Halo coatings, as well as protecting the substrates they are named for, act as an anti graffiti paint too.  So, for example, as well as protecting metal…..

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Concrete Coatings | Halo Surfaces Nano Technology

Halo Surfaces delivers with its Concrete Coatings and Sealers Concrete is such a popular flooring and building choice these days that it’s important to offer several types of concrete coatings to meet everyone’s needs.  Halo Surfaces does that with aplomb! Halo Multi-surface Sealer is the most discrete of Halo’s Concrete Coatings and Sealers In fact…..

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Transmission Tower Coatings

Halo Metal Coat is an ideal transmission tower coating. It is a high-performance durable and strong coating designed to protect all metal surfaces from oxidation, galvanic corrosion, wind drag and dirt – among other things. Transmission towers are often in exposed places Because of this transmission tower Coatings with the qualities of Halo Metal Coat…..

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Halo Concrete Coat is shiny and is an anti skid solution

With Halo Surfaces Concrete Coat you can have an indoor surface which is both shiny and is an anti skid solution. There is nothing quite so beautiful as a gleaming shiny floor – whether it’s tiles, concrete or marble.  But it can be treacherous, particularly for ladies wearing the current fashion of “killer heels”**.With Halo…..

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Halo Anti corrosion coating wins at Eden Park  

Halo’s Metal Coat anti-corrosion properties are a winner at iconic Eden Park in Auckland New Zealand where the All Blacks are set to play England. The stainless steel used in the new grandstand required anti-corrosion treatment. The new stand built for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 showed early and very disappointing signs of corrosion. …..

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Do you know why Halo products are different?

We tell you here why Halo products are different Why Halo products are different is a question we get asked by designers, by customers, by potential applicators and by potential distributors.   We know why Halo products are different but we asked people who aren’t us what makes Halo different for them. We asked a designer…..

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Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark in high places

Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark protecting signs Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark with its metal sign protection at the door of the National Party Headquarters in Wellington.  They were recently the subject of a refit and beautification project undertaken by national design company Spaceworks. Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark…..

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