Halo’s Science is Unique and Proprietary. It Enables Halo to Deliver Leading Edge Performance Coatings and Sealers that Provide the Users with the Benefits, the Savings and the Protection.


Green Chemistry Principle 5 | Safer Solvents

Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries are the subject of Principle 5. The principle states that the use of solvents and other auxiliaries should “be made unnecessary wherever possible and innocuous when used”. Dr. Concepcíon (Conchita) Jiménez-González, Director, Operational Sustainability, GlaxoSmithKline writes on the importance of solvents and rejects the argument that solvents don’t matter and that…..

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Environmental Sustainability: Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces is committed to environmental sustainability. Our manufacturer in the States takes very seriously its obligations to its staff and to the environment.  They do everything by the book and the manufacturing process is regularly checked to ensure that it consistently complies with all the stringent US EPA regulations. Environmental Sustainability of the product…..

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Halo’s Science and Covalent Bonding

Covalent bonding is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Erroneous claims are made for coatings covalently bonding to and becoming one with the substrate. It’s a nice idea but if something sounds highly unlikely then it probably is.  And it is in this case too. Covalent bonding is an important attribute of Halo Coatings The covalent bonding…..

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Do you know why Halo products are different?

We tell you here why Halo products are different Why Halo products are different is a question we get asked by designers, by customers, by potential applicators and by potential distributors.   We know why Halo products are different but we asked people who aren’t us what makes Halo different for them. We asked a designer…..

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Molecular Coatings from Halo Surfaces protect Concrete and Metal

Halo Surfaces’ coatings are molecular coatings While Halo’s Metal Coating will protect the metal on your pylon or transmission tower (if you are American) Halo’s molecular coating Concrete Coat, will protect the concrete base of the pylon or transmission tower. Concrete is not as durable as you think We tend to think of concrete as…..

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Which nano coating or nano sealer should I use?

  Which nano coating should I use is the most-frequently asked question in our business. To answer the question you need to ask little questions first so that you can make the best choice.   With Halo you always have choices. A distributor this week was asking the question about an application in a garden.  He…..

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