Christmas Madness

If you are looking for the Halo Christmas Madness Offer you have arrived at the right place.

Prevent Slipping Anti slip


So let’s get straight to it!

Our regular low price for supplying and applying Halo Premium Anti slip Coating is a miniscule $23.50 per sq m. Concrete Coat is $22.00.

We are offering a TWENTY PERCENT DISCOUNT on Anti-slip Coat and Concrete Coat for jobs booked for December 2014 and January and February 2015.

This means you only pay $18.80 for Anti slip Coat and $17.60 for Concrete Coat.

The offer covers new residential, commercial and industrial work – so if you bring forward something you were going to do anyway – that’s great.  You can win!

Why are we doing this?  Summer, when it is dry and warm is the best time to apply Halo and we want you, and us, to have the benefit of the season.

Here are the rules:

New Zealand only – sorry you lovely people in other countries.

Jobs need to be 10 sq m or more.

You need to book the job and pay a 50% deposit before close of business on 19th December 2014.

Quoted price includes product and application. Any masking and cleaning required are extra.

Contact us through the contact page on our website, by telephoning Tony 027 700 8100 or Mary 0800 626611 and quote Christmas Madness to us.  We’re waiting by the phone!



Halo Anti-slip scored highly on a wet pendulum test in New Zealand. Concrete Coat too is slip resistant.