Concrete Coat shines in this British fit-out

Concrete Coat shines and is a star on the floor of this stunning office fit-out

The client in this fit-out wished to reflect their British base and concrete coat shines on the floor of this mock London railway station.  The design is sparkling, colourful and bright and to match the other components it was essential that the flooring, Halo’s Concrete Coat shines and gleams.

Halo Concrete Coat over Halo Enhancer Plus provided a perfect floor coating

Spaceworks - Mind the Gap

The staff in this office must love coming to work in such a fun and quirky environment.  The designer has captures London town perfectly.  There is a tube station, with instructions to “Mind the Gap”, there are bobby’s helmets, the Board Room is No 10 Downing Street and the breakout room is a modern version of a British Pub.  There are Union Jacks everywhere, including  the rubbish bin in the kitchen. The London Tube motif carries on round the walls of the central area and there are even painted railings in the reception area.

One of the advantages of the Halo Concrete flooring system is the ease and speed of laying it down.  Enhancer Plus dries in less than 5 minutes so two coats of Halo Enhancer Plus and the top coat of Halo Concrete can be applied in one session.  This is a boon to the designers, the construction team and the client.

And it’s astonishingly cost-effective.

Spaceworks - the Kitchen

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