Concrete Coatings | Halo Surfaces Nano Technology

Halo Surfaces delivers with its Concrete Coatings and Sealers

Concrete is such a popular flooring and building choice these days that it’s important to offer several types of concrete coatings to meet everyone’s needs.  Halo Surfaces does that with aplomb!

Halo Multi-surface Sealer is the most discrete of Halo’s Concrete Coatings and Sealers

In fact it’s so discrete you can’t see it when it is applied.  But you can see what does.  This picture of the Sheffield Railway Station was one of the first uses of the nano technology sealer that is now available from Halo Surfaces.

Halo Multi-purpose Nano 1000

Halo Multi-surface is ideal for heritage buildings and for stone masonry and concrete where you don’t want to see that a protection system is in place.  Use Halo Multi-surface Sealer to protect against stains, mould, plant growth, and oil.  It’s Zero VOCs too and water-based.

Halo Enhancers Plus and Blue are the next level of Concrete Coatings and Sealers

The Halo Enhancers you can see – but of course you can – one of their jobs is to enhance!  Halo Enhancer Blue is “pushed” into the substrate in the same way that Multi-surface Sealer is applied.   It is water based and Zero VOcs so is perfectly applied in garden settings where paths need to be sealed and protected and the substrate enhanced.

Enhancer Plus is the solvent version of Enhancer Blue – a perfect undercoat to Halo Concrete Coatings (Concrete and Anti slip) and ideal for walls as well as floors.  It really is incredibly versatile and can be a topcoat in its own right.

Halo Concrete is at the high end of the Halo range of Concrete Coatings

Concrete Coat is a coating that outperforms other Concrete coatings in durablilty and just plain good looks.  And one of the advantages of Concrete Coating is that it can look shiny, won’t change the sheen of marble and tiles yet provides a slip resistant finish in dry conditions that you have to try to believe and understand.  Somehow being that shiny and slip resistant has to be felt.

Contact us if your shiny tiles, marble or concrete is making you nervous.  Halo will have the solution that’s right for you.