Concrete Floor Sealer – Halo Enhancer Plus

Halo Concrete Floor Sealer – more than an ordinary sealer!

Halo’s Enhancer Plus Concrete Floor Sealer is well-known to readers of the Halo Blog.  We extol its virtues at every possible opportunity.  We hadn’t quite seen it as an answer to prayer but we’ve had to change our view.  Our UK distributor, who has a way with words, has just told us that Halo Enhancer Plus concrete floor sealer is just that for one of his customers – an answer to prayer.

It’s the fast dry time of Halo Concrete Floor Sealer that was the winning benefit

For the UK customer it was the fast dry time that sold him on Halo Enhancer Plus Concrete Floor Sealer.  He couldn’t believe just how quickly it dried.  (2 to 5 minutes) And he is just realizing the benefits and flow on effects this has for his business.  For him, the speed of the dry and the ability to do the job in one session was what sold him.  It saves so much wasted time in travel and makes the logistics of scheduling the work-load amongst his gangs a piece of cake rather than a headache.  Absence of headaches – that might be a concrete coater’s heaven?  And doesn’t it look so good too!

Halo Concrete Floor Sealer

Halo Concrete Floor Sealer is laid so quickly too

That’s the feature that we like best – 100 sq m in an hour or more.  That’s 1076.4 sq ft an hour – we do like to be precise!  In fact the second coat goes down in about 1/3rd of the time it takes to lay down the first coat.  To see it misting on so quickly makes us smile.

Put the two together

Together, the speed of drying and speed of application make Halo Enhancer Plus Concrete Floor Sealer a winner.  But you won’t really fully appreciate the benefits until you begin to apply them to your own business and your own workload.

Oh – and did we mention cost-effective as well?  Why on earth wouldn’t you try our miracle?

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