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Halo Surfaces – 1 minute concrete protection

Would you believe that Halo Surfaces can deliver 1 minute concrete protection?  It sounds fantastic but it’s absolutely true.  All you need is a floor of 100 sq metres or so and Halo Enhancer Plus and Halo Concrete Coat will deliver.

We timed the application of Halo concrete protection sealers and coatings this week

Concrete Protection Fast Halo Surfaces

Here are the statistics:

The floor was 125 sq metres in total.  It consisted of corridors and a central carpeted area (to be carpeted I might add!).

It was near the end of a refurbishment of the premises of a massive NZ company, Frucor . (Pepsi’s anyone?)   This was the fourth section of floor that Halo has coated.

Our two ace Halo applicators were on site at 10 am (the client’s choice of timing):  the floor was masked and given a final clean by 11am and then it was all go.

The first coat of concrete protection, Halo’s Enhancer Plus sealer, took 20 minutes to apply.  It’s lightly misted onto the surface.  You create a circle with the nozzle and then fill it in as you go along.  There was a 10 minute break to refill the pump and then it was off again.  Being able to apply the second coating straight away is because of Halo’s Miracle 5 min-dry Enhancer Plus Sealer.

By the way – although Halo pumps by themselves are ideal for smaller jobs, for this one, Halo elected to use a mini mobile compressor.  The Halo compressor is a two horse-power electric compressor which does not require 3 phase power.  Ideal when the electricity is available on site.  The compressor builds up to 100 psi and delivers a constant 40 psi.  This means a steady flow of Halo concrete protection.  The compressor was re-charged after each coat.

The second coat of Halo Enhancer Plus concrete protection sealer took almost the same time to apply as the first coat.  The applicator commented that the floor was a greedy one and took a good helping of seconds!  Usually the second coat uses far less product and is much quicker than the first.  But we were still within our target of the 1 minute per sq m floor.

The third and top coat of Halo concrete protection was Halo Concrete Coat.  This took 40 minutes to apply.  Still the floor was greedy and we stopped the application twice to add more Concrete Coat to the pump pot.  In all, however, we used 4 gallons of Enhancer Plus and 3.25 gallons of Concrete Coat – perhaps a gallon more than expected but still well within the product allowance for the job.

Concrete protection timing total

We began at 10 am, we masked and did a final clean, applied 3 coats of concrete protection and were off site by 12 35pm.   The actual coating time, including breaks, was 100 minutes for 125 sq m.  And almost the best part is that the customer paid less than half the cost of a traditional 3 coat concrete protection.  And it’s beautiful, durable, easy to clean … Halo concrete protection is a no-brainer.

Contact us to find out how to get Halo concrete protection for your floor, to be a trained applicator, or to become a Halo distributor.  Halo offers win win concrete protection solutions for everyone.