Halo Surfaces distributorships are exciting opportunities.

Halo coatings make you money while you solve problems.

Do you want to do something different or add a new product range to your existing business?

Are you looking for advanced and cutting edge products?

Are you looking for the chance to make a great income – either distributing or applying cool coatings that solve so many problems they sell themselves?

If this is you and you can imagine yourself being a trained Halo coatings expert then you need to do something about this quickly.

We have applicator and distributor opportunities in many countries but they are being snapped up fast.

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Want to know more first?

Why is Halo so good?  How can you make so much money?

The answers are easy:

Halo coatings are Advanced Nano Coatings.  They are backed by the newest and best science.  And -they work!

Delighted customers tell us that Halo has solved their slipping problems:  Sky City, Auckland Hospital and St John Ambulance keep coming back and back to coat more and more areas because Halo Anti slip is just so good.  There is nothing on the market like it.

Other delighted customers  – Manukau Beautification will only use Halo Anti Graffiti now because it’s so easy to apply and fast to clean.

Stephen Davies from Practec Construction will only use Halo Concrete and Enhancer now because they are so fast to go down.  It’s a no-brainer for him.

In a nut-shell:

Halo is easy

Halo is fast

Halo is high-tech science – you can impress your customers

Halo solves problems

You can make a fantastic amount of money but still offer your customers cheaper and better ways of solving their problems and getting their jobs done.

Contact us now if this sounds like you.