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At Halo our focus for 2015 is to find the best possible distributeurs en Europe, distributor in Europa. We are delighted to tell you that our search has been launched initially through Google Adwords.   We will also extend it to Linked-in.

Distrributeurs en Europe

Representatives have been appointed in France and Belgium.

Check out our new page in French for contact with our agent in France, Alain Neplaz or telephone him on ….  Or email him here.

Check out our new pages in French and Dutch for contact with our agent in Belgium, Moustafa Mokhtari, or telephone him on …. Or email him here.

At Halo we make it easy in Europe to get started with our frankly amazing range of products.

Granlyn in the West Midlands UK is the Halo hub for distributeurs en Europe.

Training Centre

Granlyn have set up a training and technical support centre in West Bromwich near Birmingham.  It’s quick and easy to get to Birmingham by train from London.   Birmingham also has an international airport.  So getting to training is easy.  Training is not just about application but also about understanding the product range. Contact Alison by telephone    or email for current prices and to book your place.

The most important thing to learn at training is that the application of Halo is quite different to anything else.  If you are an experienced coatings applicator you have to go back to school and re-train your brain.  The good news is that it’s so easy that it doesn’t take long.  And it is because it is so easy that applicator returns are so good.

If getting to Granlyn doesn’t work for you we can train you by Skype and video – that can be done by Granlyn or by us here in NZ.

Technical Support

Having a European hub means that technical support is available in your time zone.  Granlyn’s tech support is backed up by Head Office in New Zealand support  and you can always contact us too.  Practically, we are likely to be sleeping when you need us most – Granlyn sleeps when you do.  Technical support is a vital part of what Halo offers.  It is unlimited – ask as much as you need and for as long as you need it.

Start small

With Halo you can begin small as an applicator/applicateur and grow the business into a distributorship.  Once you begin to use the products you will understand the great opportunities they provide.  You can buy small quantities to begin with from our hub and then move on to bulk (we love that word) and we’ll supply you direct from our plant in Texas.


Above all we offer flexibility and assistance to get you started.  And you’ll have fun while you learn.  Laughing is one of the things we do best both here in NZ and in the UK.

Contact Alain, Moustafa, Alison, or Mary at HQ and join our team.