Enhancer Plus: Sealer for Concrete: Halo Surfaces

Looking for a Sealer for concrete?

Look no further than Enhancer Plus from Halo Surfaces. Enhancer Plus is one of the heroes of the Halo Surfaces range of nano coatings and sealers.

It has many qualities that make it so.  In no particular order, here is a list of them.

First:  It is very easy to apply

Halo Enhancer Plus sealer for concrete is best sprayed onto the substrate using an acetone and alcohol proof sprayer.   This can be as simple as the inexpensive hand held, hand-pumped sprayer shown in the picture.  For larger areas the Halo application teams prefer to use a portable compressor but this is not essential.

Halo Surfaces Acetone Sprayer

Second:  It is very quick to apply

This sealer for concrete goes on so fast when sprayed that you can cover 100 sq metres (1000 sq ft) in about 20 minutes.  What else needs to be said?

Third: It dries very quickly

Halo Enhancer Plus is dry in 5 minutes.  Is there any other sealer for concrete that can match this?  If there is we haven’t found it.

The benefit of the quick drying and the ease and speed of application is that it is possible to complete the job of sealing and coating a concrete floor with only one site visit.  This makes Halo the “go-to” range for commercial and residential construction.

Fourth: It can be coloured

Halo has a range of colours that can be added to Enhancer Plus sealer for concrete so that you can colour and seal at the same time.  You can also create patters by masking off some areas.

Fifth: it can be used as an undercoat or a top coat

Halo Surfaces Enhancer Plus is not only an undercoat.  It can be used as a topcoat when the protection of Concrete Coat is not required or the client prefers the look of the sealer.

You can seal the floor 5 minutes before you open the champagne at the housewarming.

For more information about Enhancer Plus go to its own page on the website.  You can read more about it there and download Data Sheets and SDS.   You could also contact us by email or telephone or you could complete the form below.

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