Environmental Sustainability: Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces is committed to environmental sustainability.

Our manufacturer in the States takes very seriously its obligations to its staff and to the environment.  They do everything by the book and the manufacturing process is regularly checked to ensure that it consistently complies with all the stringent US EPA regulations.

Environmental Sustainability Halo Surfaces

Environmental Sustainability of the product range

All products in the Halo range are manufactured in accordance with the USA 12 principles of green chemistry.

All of the coatings have less than 100g/L VOCs and the Water-based Sealers have zero VOCs.  The very low level of VOCs means that any off-gasses released into the atmosphere are minimal and meet the strictest USA regulations.

All of the ingredients in Halo’s coatings and sealers are classified as Food Safe under European Union regulations.  We are right now in the process of registering them as Food Safe in New Zealand too.

Halo coatings also meet the standards of California Proposition 65.  They do not contain any chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Disposal is easy.  If you need to dispose of any excess product, pop the top and let the solvent gas off.  As it’s less than 100g/L VOCs it’s doing minimal harm to the atmosphere.  When it’s done the remaining waste is inert – it’s natural minerals only so can be disposed of in any landfill and goes back to the earth from where it originated.

Environmental Sustainability | Greenwashing

Halo does not indulge in greenwashing its products.  This is the practice of labelling products “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly” without them truly being so.  Marketing campaigns perpetuate the practice with the aim of helping companies increase product sales by appealing to ecologically-conscious buyers.

Halo’s marketing is focussed around the superior performance of its coating and sealer range and their ability to solve a myriad of problems.  Environmental sustainability is high on our list of core values and for this reason we have adopted sustainable practices including manufacture as far as we can.  The reality is that right now superior performance means the use of solvents.  The solvent we use, however, sits lightly on the earth and are catalysed by the oxygen in the air.

At Halo we’re always pleased to discuss any aspect of environmental sustainability and how Halo can contribute to a green build.  Contact us here to find out more.