Have you got a pylon?

Halo Metal pylon coating protects powder-coating & galvanized surfaces

This week’s muse was prompted by our UK distributor, Craig McDonald, bless him.  Will Halo Metal Coat go on powder-coating?  Adding galvanizing and then pylon coating  into the mix was my own idea.  I gave Craig the yes answer he asked as he’s very busy right now.  I should have said – go to the website!!  If you would like to tell Craig to read his own website or buy Halo in the UK and Europe you can reach him here.

British Pylons yearning for Halo.

British Pylons yearning for Halo.

So will Halo Metal pylon coating protect powder-coating and galvanizing?

The answer is yes.  Well it would be wouldn’t it?  I’d hardly be trumpeting something that didn’t work now would I?  The only thing you need to remember is to allow for out-gassing on powder-coating and galvanization – 6 weeks is the usual specification.

In a way you could see it as a bit of an oxymoron.  Powder-coating and galvanizing are themselves protective coatings.   So is paint, if it comes to that.  But Halo Metal pylon coating protects the protectors.

Halo Metal Coat will greatly increase the life of powder-coating and galvanization.

Halo Metal Coat pylon coating is extremely tough and durable.  It has scored 39.11 in Taber Abrasive tests, which means that it’s tougher than granite.  It is created using nano particles and quartz crystals.  The nano-sized particles of the coating ensure greater adhesion at a molecular level.   The fact that the particles are so small means there is less chance of degradation caused by animal and bird waste, wind-drag, dirt and ice build-up.  It protects against UV damage too.

Have you got a pylon you’d like coated?

Have you got a pylon

Right now we haven’t coated a pylon (or in American a transmission tower) but we would sure like to do so.  Just think, most pylons are galvanized and are, we hear, meant to last for 50 years.  Just imagine if applying Halo Metal Coat could increase the life of the pylon to 75 years.  And theoretically there is no reason why it shouldn’t.

If you’ve got a pylon and you’re up for a trial then contact us now.

Halo Metal Coat will save you money.  It lasts a long time, it reduces the need for costly repairs, it is easy to apply and easy to maintain.  If the application of it has the effect of lifting stainless steel a notch then it can certainly do wonders for your pylon.