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Graffiti protection for election billboards!

The need for graffiti protection is at its height in NZ right now as it’s coming up to election time.  So it’s bill board defacing time.  Many of those campaign boards would have benefited from Halo graffiti protection.   Although to be fair, some MPs took the graffiti in very good spirit.  The “look like a pirate picture” recipient posted her picture on Facebook and made light of it all.   And we’re just coming up to International Talk Like a Pirate Day too.

Graffiti protection - Talk like a pirate

Halo Graffiti Protection is seriously cost-effective

We suspect that most political parties think that the boards are in place for such a short time that graffiti protection is not warranted.   They couldn’t be more wrong.  Halo’s graffiti protection coating is extremely cost effective and it’s easy to learn how to spray it.  Willing volunteers would get the election hoardings sprayed in no time for very little money.  And they could be cleaned easily with our non-toxic Halo cleaner.

Halo graffiti protection is a non-sacrificial coating

What that means to the lay person is that you can clean and clean and clean the coating over and over again.   You don’t take the top off the coating and you certainly don’t touching or damage the substrate.  You can do it yourself with a non-toxic cleaner.  No waiting for special graffiti removers to come out.  Saves you the money and means that tags can be removed quickly.  There’s nothing a tagger likes less than having their beautiful tag removed before it has a chance to be seen.

Halo graffiti protection is one –pot too!

You wouldn’t think that this is important but it is.  One of our best graffiti protection customers tells us a story of a rival product that they gave up using.  It wasn’t working but that was at least partly because all the part “B” was sitting in the cupboard unused.  Remove the opportunity to make mistakes.  That’s our motto!

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