Graffiti protective coating | Halo Surfaces

The mind-blowing annual expenses of graffiti show the need for a graffiti protective coating.

The statistics are horrific.  Annual graffiti cleaning costs are:

Germany – over US700 million

London – US200 million

UK – US1.5 billion

Los Angeles US 140 million.

The UK is particularly alarming.  Anyone setting up applying Halo’s graffiti protective coating in London should be onto a winner!  London calling anyone?

Some cities use street art as a deterrent but nothing beats the best graffiti protective coating.

Street Art Anti graffiti protective coating

There are 3 types of graffiti protective coating

First there are sacrificial coatings, then semi sacrificial coatings and thirdly permanent coatings.  Halo’s Graffiti Coat is a permanent graffiti protective coating.

The benefits of Halo

All of Halo’s coatings, whether they be the actual Graffiti Coat itself or our Concrete, Metal, Wood, Vinyl or Stone Coat all act as a protection against graffiti.  Because all the coatings are made using nano technology the coatings are very fine and the particles very small.  Conventional coatings have much large molecules and more space for paint to penetrate through a protective coating.  Halo’s molecules are very fine and close together so there is less opportunity to penetrate.

This means that when a Halo-coated surface is tagged it is very easy to clean.  Halo’s own Graffiti Cleaner is water-based and non-toxic and anyone can use it.  So as soon as a tag is seen you can get rid of it quickly and easily.  There is no need to wait for a commercial graffiti cleaning company.

Taggers are very proud of their work and want it seen.  Nothing frustrates them more than their precious tags being cleaned off before seeing the light of day.  That’s why Halo Graffiti’s by-line in Making Taggers Weep!

So why Halo?

It’s cost-effective.

It protects the substrate while protecting it from graffiti.

It can be easily cleaned with our water-based cleaner.

It lasts for years.

It means no contracts with graffiti companies.

It can be cleaned over and over again without damage to the coating.

If you’re in London or anywhere with a graffiti problem you need Halo.  We’re here so contact us now.