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Graffiti protective coatings range from Halo

All the products in the Halo SV range are graffiti protective coatings.   Included in the range is the product named Graffiti.  Also acting as anti graffiti protective coatings are the coatings for Concrete, Metal, Vinyl, Stone and Wood.  The range also protects painted surfaces, tiles and bricks so Halo has most substrates covered.

Halo Surfaces stands out head and shoulders above other graffiti protective coatings because they not only protect against graffiti, they preserve the substrate beneath.   In fact we always prescribe the coating to fit the substrate rather than a basic generic one-size-fits-all solution as others offer.  This way the customer gets a double whammy – the substrate is protected from oil, water and moisture damage and stains as well as being protected from graffiti.

Anti graffiti protective coating

Halo graffiti protective coatings are very fine

All of the coatings in the Halo range are applied very finely – only a few microns thick.  Most of the coatings are one pot only and in almost every case require only one coat.  This saves on labour in application and less costly mistakes.  One of our best graffiti customers told us a story about a two-pack product from another range.  It kept falling off the walls it was applied to.  The solution was in the paint cupboard.  All the part Bs were still there.  They were pleased to change to a one-pot system.

Halo graffiti protective coatings are non-sacrificial

Non-sacrificial means that the graffiti is wiped off the surface off the coating.  When graffiti is removed the coating remains intact.  This means that there can be multiple cleans and the protection does not need to be reapplied.

Halo graffiti protective coatings are easy to clean

In some cases graffiti can be removed with soap and water.  If that is insufficient, Halo has its own water-based graffiti remover.  Anyone can use it so there is no need to be tied to expensive cleaning contracts with graffiti-removal companies.  We’ve never been that keen on cleaning anyway so we are very happy to turn it over to you.  And you are pleased because you save money.  Everyone wins and that’s what we like.

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