Green Chemistry – Principle 4 – Safer Chemicals

Principle 4 of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry is about Designing Safer Chemicals.

The principle states that chemical products should be designed to affect their desired function while minimizing their toxicity.

Green Chemistry - Safer Chemicals


Nicholas D. Anastas, Ph.D. Environmental Protection Agency – New England writes that “minimizing toxicity, while simultaneously maintaining function and efficacy, may be one of the most challenging aspects of designing safer products and processes”.

We agree – it’s the same issue as whether to choose solvent or water-based products.  There is no doubt that solvents perform significantly better than water-based products.  To use water-based products you have to compromise performance. It’s an issue facing the coatings industry on a global scale. And because solvents and water-based products are chemically structured so differently you can’t just exchange out the solvent for water.

Hazard is treated as a design flaw so it needs to be addressed at the molecular level. Molecular biology is advancing rapidly and with it so is the field of toxicology.  It is Dr Anastas’ hope that toxicologists and chemists cooperative to teach the next generation of scientists to design safer chemicals. He sees the dawn of a new day on the path to a safer, healthier and more sustainable world.

Halo’s chemistry is all created at the molecular level.  The scientists who have designed the coatings are constantly working to refine their procedures and formulas.  They are committed to the protection and preservation of the planet.

We bang the drums for environmental protection at Halo HQ as well. New Zealand is known for being clean and green and that’s the way we want to keep it.

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