Halo Anti corrosion coating wins at Eden Park  

Halo’s Metal Coat anti-corrosion properties are a winner at iconic Eden Park in Auckland New Zealand where the All Blacks are set to play England.

The stainless steel used in the new grandstand required anti-corrosion treatment.

The new stand built for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 showed early and very disappointing signs of corrosion.  Turning to Halo for assistance, the staff at the park is gradually coating the steel in the new stand with Halo Metal Coat.

You can see here how the coated steel looks compared to the rusted piece next to it.  And this was supposed to be stainless steel too.

Halo Metal Coat anti-corrosion protection

Halo Metal anti corrosion coating treatment is easy to apply.

Halo Metal Coat, like all Halo coatings, is applied very thinly.  It is misted on to the substrate in a very fine layer.  It’s one occasion where less definitely is more.  You do not ever add a little bit more “just in case”.  Too much coating may adversely affect its performance.  It’s counter-intuitive for most people in the coatings industry but it really is true.

Halo’s anti corrosion coating is very cost-effective

Halo’s coatings are fairly priced and offer great value for money.  This is partly because their coverage rate is so high – remember less is more.   And because they are so easy to apply you can save money on their application by training your own maintenance staff in their application.

So – Halo anti corrosion coating, Metal Coat, is cost effective to buy, cost-effective to apply and does the job of preventing corrosion.  It preserves and protects assets – in this case, the stand at Eden Park.  Imagine the cost of replacing all the steel in a grandstand which seats many thousands of fans.

At Halo we’re avid rugby fans

We’ll be watching here this evening, supporting the All Blacks of course.  In the UK, our UK distributors, Craig and Ali of Granlyn Specialist Coatings, will be supporting the English.   And we say magnanimously “may the best team win”.  (It better be the ABs!)  To buy Halo in the UK and to cheer up Craig and Ali contact them here and to buy Halo in NZ or to become a distributor or applicator anywhere other than the UK contact us here.