Halo Anti slip & Halo Concrete stop slipping

Stop Slipping with Halo Anti Slip & Concrete Coats

To stop slipping is the focus of Halo’s Christmas and January campaigns in November and December 2014.  We’re so keen to stop slipping that we’ve got a special on offer which you can read about on our dedicated offer page here.

Halo Anti-slip provides protection around swimming pools

To stop slipping you need the required slip coefficient here.

In New Zealand the required friction coefficient for level access routes used by the public is 0.4.  This is established by a wet pendulum test.

Halo has two products to stop slipping

First is the Halo Anti-slip Coating which has a slip coefficient of 0.59 against the Building Code’s requirements of .4.

Second is Halo Concrete Coat which has a slip coefficient of 0.42 against the Code’s requirement of 0.4.

So which Halo Coating is right for you?

Halo Concrete Coat complies with the Code so is a good choice when the surface is level with good run-off so water doesn’t pool.

Halo Anti slip Coat should be used when the surface is not level and/or there is significant pooling of water.

Whichever Coating you choose, there is the added bonus with Halo coatings that they are durable, strong and protect and preserve the underlying asset for years.  And they look good too.  You won’t know at all that Halo Concrete Coat has been applied and even the Anti slip Coat is very discreet!

Halo is on a mission to stop slipping

Slippery surfaces are a serious matter.  About 45 New Zealanders die every year as a result of a fall on the same level due to slipping, tripping or stumbling.  That’s 45 too many in our book.  Injury from all types of fall is the major cause of hospitalisation for injury in New Zealand.  These statistics show how important it is to provide safe walking surfaces in buildings to protect the building users from slipping and tripping.  It’s why the Hospitals love Halo – Auckland, Greenlane and Middlemore have all used Halo Anti slip and why they keep coming back for more.

Stop Slipping at your workplace or home.  Make your pathways safe by contacting us now.