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Many anti slip products attack the substrate rather than enhancing it

Most anti slip solutions on the market are either of the big yellow bobble type or they involve acid etching.  We’ve been conducting some research which has told us yet again that there is nothing available that performs as Halo does and is as discrete as Halo is.

Halo’s anti slip is a very fine coating

The good news is that Halo’s anti slip is a very fine coating that contains tiny glass beads.   The coating enhances not damages the substrate.  With Halo you don’t need dangerous acid etching and you avoid breaching the substrate.  Halo products preserve and protect assets and do not compromise them.

And if you have a porous surface you can seal it quickly and easily with Halo Enhancer Plus Sealer.

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Most anti slip treatments harm the substrate

The most common form of anti slip protection for tiles, and also concrete is acid etching.  The proponents of it say that it doesn’t damage the substrate.  But acid and etching are two strong words and the treatment by the very nature of it penetrates the substrate.  It makes no scientific sense to me to breach the surface and say it’s not damaging.  Contradictory statements in my opinion!

And my view is supported by no less an authority than Dulux who say in their Protective Coatings Tech Notes that “Dulux does not endorse acid etching”. They say it in bold too.  They go on to say that “When executed correctly, acid etching is adequate for light duty floor coatings only”. When choosing a coating durability of the coating is surely a prime consideration. Not only that – residual acid which remains on the concrete may adversely affect it and the bond strength of the coating and may corrode any underlying reinforcing steel.  It does put one off rather.

Halo Anti slip is like fine sand

Halo Anti slip is like fine sand on bare feet

It reminds me of a wonderful holiday on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  The days were blissfully warm and the sea was too.  The sand got very hot but the hotel had thoughtfully placed a hose pipe from the grass to the sea.  The hose had little holes in it like a sprinkler system so that the sand was wet and cool.  Halo anti slip reminds me of that sand – I can whisk my way off there just like that!