HALO Swimming Pool Anti Slip Coating

Halo Swimming Pool Anti slip Coating is the answer to dangerous and slippery swimming pool surrounds.

Halo Swimming Pool anti slip coating can transform treacherous slippery tiles into a safe wet anti slip areas.

Halo Anti slip Protection is almost invisible.

It’s almost invisible.  On clear glass the surface becomes a little duller but on an opaque tile, for example, you wouldn’t even know it is there. One architect enthusiast for Halo Anti-slip Protection is even using the slight change in look as a decorative feature.  Halo Anti-slip Protection is to be laid in a geometric pattern on a glass floor – it will do the job and add to the aesthetics of the building foyer.

Halo Anti slip Protection exceeds building code requirements.

Halo Swimming Pool Anti slip Coating scored 5.9 in a wet-pendulum test in New Zealand.  The building code requirement is 4.

Halo Anti slip Protection is kind to bare feet!

Halo Anti slip Protection feels gentle to the touch – unlike many others which are rough, unpleasant and downright painful.

Swimming Pools?

Our Northern Hemisphere readers may well be wondering why I’m talking about swimming pools.  We know you guys are cold – in fact one of the Halo team was recently in New York City and couldn’t resist taking a “send-up” shot of the safety warning – all this while standing in the snow!

Halo Anti-slip Protection in NYC

But right now in the Southern Hemisphere we’re coming up to our most settled warm period – now is the time to visit us.  Our UK distributors are doing just that.

Anti slip Protection and risk-taking

I’ve also been reading about an intriguing study done by AUT and the University of Otago.  As part of the study a number of schools have abandoned most of the health and safety rules imposed on playgrounds.  Instead they have encouraged children to climb trees, ride skateboards and play bullrush (my favourite).  Surprisingly the children don’t cause bedlam.  The school is actually seeing a drop in bullying, serious injuries and vandalism, while concentration levels in class are increasing.   The study is all about the importance of children learning how to take risks.  Read more about it here.

We applaud the study support its principles but there are some risks that don’t train you for anything – wet slippery tiles round a pool are just one of them so make your pool surrounds safe with Halo Swimming Pool Anti Slip Coating.

You can contact us here to find out more about Halo Anti-Slip or tell us about your new swimming pool or how much snow has built up in your front garden.  We’re eclectic at Halo!