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Halo launches Antimicrobial Range

Halo is delighted to launch its range of antimicrobial coatings which contain the ingredient Bio-S.  The antimicrobial range is available in two strengths, regular and hospital grade, and has a kill rate of 99.4%.  Contact us to receive a copy of the laboratory report which establishes the effectiveness of the range.

Antimicrobial protection Bio-S

Halo Bio-S antimicrobial protection is available in all the Halo SV coatings.

Bio-S can be added to Graffiti, Concrete, Metal, Vinyl, Stone and Wood.  All of these coatings last for years and Halo Antimicrobial Bio-S continues to be effective for the life of the coating.  The performance of Bio-S is not affected by whether the coating is Gloss, Satin or Matt.  Whatever the surface you get unparalleled protection with Halo Bio-S

The difference between regular and hospital grades

Bio-S is available in two grades.  The only difference between them is in the length of time it takes for the coatings’ antimicrobial action to work.  With hospital grade Bio-S the kill time is 4 hours and with regular Bio-S the kill time is 16 hours.  Both strengths kill 99.4% of dangerous and deadly microorganisms.

Where can Bio-S be used?


Hospitals in particular will benefit hugely from the application of Halo Bio-S antimicrobial coatings on surfaces in hospital theatres and sluice rooms, in laboratories and in bathrooms.  Halo Bio-S on toilet seats in patients’ bathrooms will greatly reduce the transmission of microorganisms in this environment.

Restaurants, Hotels & the Hospitality Industries 

Restaurant floors, cooking and food preparation areas are areas for the potential transfer of microorganisms.  The application of Halo Bio-S antimicrobial coatings will make these areas safer for staff and customer alike.

There is no price to be placed on safety.  Contact us at Halo or fill in the form below to learn how Bio-S coatings will help keep your place safe.

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