Halo Concrete Coat | first choice concrete sealer

Concrete Coat from Halo delivers many benefits to applicator and end user

It is very fast to apply and quick to dry

You can apply 100 sq m per hour and sometimes more.  It dries in 8 hours – apply at night and walk on it the next morning.  And if you need to seal the floor you can apply 2 coats on Halo Enhancer Plus first and do the whole floor – 3 coats on it in one session.  This is because Enhancer Plus dries in 3-5 minutes.

Our UK distributor has a great turn of phrase and loves to see people look stunned – he says “If I could show you how you could put down 3 coats of sealer and topcoat in 12 minutes would that be of interest to you?”  Well it would wouldn’t it?  Can you imagine anyone who wouldn’t think that was phenomenal?  And doesn’t it look beautiful?

Concrete Coat

Concrete Coat comes in 3 formulations

Gloss, Satin & Matt – so you can chose the level of shine you require.

It can be applied to many surfaces not just concrete

Think tiles, masonry pavers, bricks and cement blocks.

It protects from damage and solves many problems

Concrete Coat protects against moisture and chloride ion penetration, food and beverage acids, bird and animal waste matter, salt spray, chewing gum and graffiti.

It protects against UV damage.

It can be sprayed or rolled

Halo Concrete Coat is a very fine coating which is best sprayed.  This gives greater coverage and the smoothest surface.  Sometimes, however, spraying is not possible and Halo Concrete Coat can be rolled on to the substrate and look absolutely perfect.

Concrete Coat has anti slip properties

You can keep your floor shiny if you wish but still have the benefit of anti slip properties in dry conditions.   And if it is going on a wet area Halo Concrete Gloss slips on a few beads and transforms itself into Halo Anti Slip.  Brilliant!

It’s green

Concrete Coat has less than 100g/L VOCs.  It’s kind to the planet.

We love Concrete Coat and you will too. Contact us to try, buy or become an applicator.