Halo Concrete Coat is shiny and is an anti skid solution

With Halo Surfaces Concrete Coat you can have an indoor surface which is both shiny and is an anti skid solution.

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a gleaming shiny floor – whether it’s tiles, concrete or marble.  But it can be treacherous, particularly for ladies wearing the current fashion of “killer heels”**.With Halo Concrete Coat you can have your cake and eat it too.  Halo Concrete looks shiny (especially in the gloss finish) but has a reassuring un-slippery anti skid feeling as you walk across it.

Concrete molecular coatings from Halo Surfaces

Halo Concrete has a high Static Coefficient

Halo’s Concrete in ASTM D-2047 test has passed the ADA Standards for Accessible Design Requirements.  This is why it provides the anti-skid feeling as you walk on it – indoors and when it’s dry.*  Outdoor tiles, concrete and marble require Halo Anti-slip for anti skid protection.

Halo Concrete Coat is both beautiful and practical

Available in satin and matt formulations, Halo Concrete is a design winner for concrete and tiles and Halo Stone and Halo Wood perform the same functions for stone and varnished or sealed wooden floors.  And it is a comfort to know that what looks good is also safe.

Anti skid no longer means only big yellow bobbles

There is a place for big yellow bobbles of course and yellow is a favourite colour but not even their inventor would put them into a competition for design excellence – would they?  But Halo Concrete and Halo Stone and Halo Wood feature in many award-winning designs.

Contact us for more information about Halo products and how they can help you make elegant and safe design choices.

*When relying on Halo Concrete as an anti skid coating you should always check that your application meets local OSH requirements.

**We haven’t actually fallen over in killer heels – it’s just that the potential is there and is a little threatening!