Halo Concrete Coat – Surface Protection

Surface Protection needs to do its job but should also look gorgeous

Halo Concrete Coat does provide superior surface protection as well as good looks.  Surface Protection as a business is perhaps not the most glamorous to be in.  And, I guess, we can all take our products for granted sometimes.

New eyes see surface protection in a new way.

The last two weeks, however, have been a real shot in the arm for Halo and our surface protection products.  We had a delightful visit from our UK distributors, Craig and Alison McDonald of Granlyn who distribute in UK and Ireland and are going to set up as our European Hub.  Craig and Alison also distribute Metalier too – they can see the synergies!

The shot in the arm came particularly when we took Craig and Alison to see some of the surface protection work done by Halo.  They were amazed, in particular, by how fantastic Concrete Coat looked.  Which made us think too – yes Halo Concrete Coat is good and it is beautiful.   It’s all we say it is and it’s featured in a number of jobs which are well worth looking at:

Woods and Bankstream in particular.

Surface Protection with Halo Concrete Coat

Woods Halo Concrete Coat Floor

Halo Concrete Coat does provide superior surface protection

So – what is superior about Halo?

Well its formulation involves the very latest and best nanotechnology.  And its componentry includes quartz which is one of the toughest materials we know.  Which is all very well – and impressive science – but of little value, unless it delivers surface protection benefits to its users.

And Halo delivers surface protection benefits.

It is strong (it scored 39.11 in taber testing which means it is nearly as tough as a diamond and is tougher than granite).

It will last – 5 -10 years depending on the amount of abrasion it receives. 

The nano technology means that the particles in the coating form covalent bonds with each other to give greater strength and durability.

The coating is very fine and its particles very small which means it forms greater bonds with the substrate than traditional coatings and sealers.

It is beautiful.

Halo Concrete Coat provides Surface Protection in a reception area

Halo Concrete Coat at Bankstream

To learn how you can benefit from Halo surface protection or to become a distributor in your area contact us here.   Or to learn more about Halo Concrete Coat or download Data Sheets and SDS go to the Halo Concrete Page here.