Halo concrete sealers | choose invisible or shine

Halo gives you a choice of 3 concrete sealers

Let’s start with the water-based options:

First is Halo WB Multi-surface Sealer

This is the invisible one of the Halo range of concrete sealers.  You cannot see it when it has been applied.  And it can be applied to so many substrates – concrete, slate, unmodified grout, brick, tile and natural and artificial stone.  It doesn’t leave build-up or residue so can be used on historic buildings.

It’s also perfect for garden paths where you want green water-based protection from grime and mould but you don’t want to see that the sealer is there.

And it is so easy to apply that you can do it yourself.   One of the main things to remember about the Multi-surface sealer is that it repels everything – even other concrete sealers and coatings s pot can’t be used as an undercoat.

Second is Halo WB Enhancer Blue

This is another water-based option but this one enhances the substrate as well as seals it.  Like Multi-surface sealer it can be applied to concrete, slate, brick, tiles and stone.  Unlike Multi-surface, Enhancer Blue is one of the visible concrete sealers.  It adds a little sheen to the substrate.

Like Halo Multi-surface it is perfect for garden paths where you want all the protections of Multi-surfaces but you want some shine as well.

It is incredibly easy to apply – you pour it on and push it into the substrate as you do with Multi-surface.  Another perfect do it yourself product in the concrete sealers range.

Third is Halo’s SV Enhancer Plus

This is a solvent-based sealer but it is so low in VOCs and the technology behind it as green as it can be that you can forgive it this little detail.  It is so versatile and so incredible easy to apply and so quick to dry that, for my money is the star of the concrete sealers range.

Can you think of any other sealer on the market with Enhancer Plus’s 7 stars?

Can you think of any other range that will allow you to put down three coats (2 concrete sealers and 1 topcoat) in one session?

Can you think of any other concrete sealer that dries in under 5 minutes?

Can you think of any other concrete sealer that can be both a top coat and a sealer?  Look at it here as a top-coat.

Enhancer Plus concrete sealer

We can’t think of any other sealer that will give a finish as good as this.  And we’re confident that you will just love the options that Halo’s concrete sealers range will give you.  Contact us for a distributor near you, and to tell us which of the 3 is your favourite.